This Is My Life

My previous posts here have ranged from reviews to political propaganda to fashion. They have no real logical following order but are simply a collection of my thoughts and personal opinions. I like it this way as I see my blog as a keyhole into my life for others, and a personal outlet for myself. I try to keep my thoughts as frank and true as possible because for me it is ordinary, real-life people who inspire me, like my two favourite blog writers Helen and Chantelle. From reading these blogs, I have decided to write a personal post every so often about what is going on in my daily life; whether it may sometimes be really exciting and sometimes extremely boring, I hope you will enjoy reading my silly little posts.

So, following the Christmas holidays, I am now back in Berlin this past week and a half. Having to leave my family, friends and dogs all over again was very painful. I tried to perk myself up by telling myself how great New Years Eve would be in Berlin but I was too sad to enjoy it. Robin and I went out to dinner to one of our favourite places and as we started our walkabout to look at the fireworks I got really upset and went home. All wasn’t lost though as fireworks were being let off from all corners of our neighbourhood which we enjoyed watching from the comfort of out living room window.

As strange as this is to say, it was nice to get back to work and see everybody after the New Year. It is a very young and international company which I work in and it made me feel less sorry for myself that everybody had to leave their families again.

The highlight of my weekend was finally getting to see Breaking Dawn (see included eye cand picture). I really am a Twihard and enjoyed every single minute of the film. My Dad bought me the box set of the previous films for Christmas so Robin watched them all so he could be up to date. I think he deserves a medal for having sat through four Twilight films in a week!

I am currently trying to improve my lifestyle and have embarked on new skin care and food regime. I have brought some Oil of Olay and Nivea products which suit my skin and I make sure to always cleanse, tone and moisturize. This last week has seen me eat breakfast every day, eating no fast food and making lots of yummy home cooked dinners everyday instead. I am well proud of myself. Let’s just hope I can keep this up.

Until next time xxx


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