2012, I Welcome You

Happy New Year everybody!

So here we are at 2012, with 2011 far behind us. Resolutions are ahoy and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share some of mine with you. Only problem is that I am not really one for resolutions so don’t be too harsh on me when they are all broken by February!

2011 was a great year for me. I moved country, live in a lovely apartment with my boyfriend, found a job that I really like, and am generally pretty happy (apologies for my lack of enthusiasm in mentioning these wonderful achievements as I have only just returned from two weeks’ vacation back home in Ireland and I am feeling pretty homesick at the moment. I won’t dwell on it though as I am sure I will be nice and perky again by the end of the week).

So, because of the great things I achieved last year, it was a bit more difficult to find some demanding changes to make. Of course I always want to move onto bigger and better things, but for the moment I am pretty content as I am. Therefore, I decided to make some what you would call minor changes, but changes which will certainly benefit me in the long run.

Firstly, I really need to learn some solid German. This resolution is not so minor I guess but more of a necessity! I was never really a language person throughout school with Irish being the only language I really wanted to learn. Unfortunately for me, while Irish is now an official European language, it is not very useful overall and German will be much more efficient in helping me to progress. I am hoping to learn the basics online as of yet I do not have the time or the money to take some serious classes.

I need to become healthier. I know I am a nice weight but being thin and being healthy are two completely different things for me. I am starting to feel real sluggish and I think it is better to sort this now rather than having to shift a whole lot of weight in the future. As a self-confessed junk-food addict this is going to be difficult for me so I will start slowly by drinking more water, cutting back on the sweets and introducing more fruit and vegetables to my diet. Also, learning to cook more healthy meals can assist me on this.

Nine months living in Central Europe has shown me I need to travel more. It is so easy to get around Europe that it would be an utter shame not to take advantage of it. When I am back in the Emerald Isle and will have to fly anywhere I want to go I will regret not taking the opportunity to see so many wonderful places. Besides holidays home, I have three trips which I must take this year: a trip to the Netherlands to visit my friend Stephanie, a trip to Spain in the summer to visit my friend Laura and what will be her new born baby girl (excitement!), and a trip to Poland hopefully to see Ireland play in Euro 2012. Now all I need is the money to fund all this…………..

Finally, I really want to blog some more. My blog tends to get frequently neglected and I am not happy about this at all as I really love to write. So far I have modeled it as a pretty general blog, writing about whatever comes to my mind. I am not sure how well received it is by readers so any suggestions as to how you would like my blog to be constructed please feel free to share.

Well, that’s me and 2012. Wish me luck!

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