The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee

My most recent posts have all focused on my life here in Berlin and what I love about the city. For those of you who have read these posts, you will know that there is a LOT to like about Berlin. However, every time I write or talk about Berlin, it makes me reminiscent for home. I always knew I would miss home but it surprises me the weird little things I miss. So here for you all, my list (excluding the obvious like friends and family) of the things I miss about Cork.

Not having to slow down my accent when talking to people. Do we really sound that bad?

Chipper food. There is no decent bag of chips to be found in the whole of Berlin. Everything is frozen. What I would give for a big bag of fat, juicy, handcut chips. Don’t forget the cheese and onion pie *mouth waters*.

Rasa. Love downing a cold glass of rasa, with or without the vodka. No dilutable drinks to be found in Berlin. Well, you can get Capri Sun here but nothing concentrated in a bottle in which you add the water yourself. Speaking of exclusive Cork drinks I miss, a glass of Tanora would hit the spot right now.

Saying ‘hello’ to strangers.  I love at home just walking down the street smiling at people and wishing them a good day, them doing the same to you. That does not work with the Germans. They immediately become suspicious of you and turn quickly the other way. This not only applies to walking on the street. Back home you also have the best conversations with complete strangers while standing in a queue.

Corned Beef & Cabbage. Unbelievable dinner that I cannot wait to get down my throat when I get home. My Mom is so good she has it ordered for me and all.

Soda bread and a nice thick bowl of vegetable soup to dunk it in. They don’t blend the soup here and that is a big issue for me and even more so annoying is even the vegetable soup has a big sausage lobbed right into it.

Irish pubs. Of course they are here as well but not the same. Miss the banter which can only be found in an Irish pub which is actually situated in Ireland. Never in a pub here would you find a sing-song going on afterwards better than any entertainment provided throughout the night.

The people. No matter how much you complain about Cork, Ireland and their people when you are at home, the immense joy you feel when you hear an Irish accent abroad is indescribable. While yes other people are very nice too and you will make international friends, only the Irish have the certain sense of fun and kindness another Irish person needs to survive in life. My favorite thing is how we always complain about the weather and always start conversations with that topic. Pretty sure people think I am strange here talking about the weather so much.

Tayto! Who would think such a smelly snack would bring so much comfort? Oh and Meanies too. Nom.

The sense of humor. At home we tend to have the ‘craic’ by insulting each other, all in good jest of course. If I said half of the things to people here that I say to people at home I am pretty sure I would have zero people in a circumference of 100m of me. That could also be said of me if I began to eat Tayto here too.


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