Hindsight Is A Great Thing

So, as you all can probably tell from reading my blog I am very happy with my life right now. I have a job that I love, an absolutely great boyfriend, the best family, friends’ money couldn’t buy, and of course the two best dogs in the world. I haven’t always been this happy though; happiness and contentment with myself something I often worked hard for.

I think perhaps the worst years of my life, along with probably half of the world’s population, were my teenage years. I hated being a teenager. I just didn’t fit it. Boys didn’t like me, girls didn’t think I was ‘cool’ enough; I loved school and admitting to that was total social suicide. I had no interest in having ten boyfriends, trying to forge my way into nightclubs or taking drugs. I felt like a horrible human being and spent a lot of time in my room with books and music which I could get lost in.

Looking back, people told me these things would change, but I didn’t believe them. Did not believe that they had gone through the same things and had come out the other end all the better. Of course, they weren’t right about everything, only most things. Mostly these nuggets of advice come from ones parents and let’s face it; no teenager wants to believe that there is even the slightest chance that their parents may be right about anything.  So, the purpose of this post is not only for me to provide you readers with an insight into my life, but it is written also in the hope that some teenager somewhere may be reading this, feeling a bit more happier knowing that things do get better. Hope you enjoy xxxx

Liking school is not a bad thing. It will be worth so much more to you in later years than being the class clown. I loved school. Well to an extent anyway. Cannot say I cared much for some of the people there but I loved to learn. Actually taking to time to learn what you had to was not cool in my school and you suffered the consequences of vicious remarks for showcasing your intelligence. I nearly left school because I didn’t fit in. I am totally glad I didn’t  as I would not be living in Germany, have met some of my best friends and have a job I love now if it wasn’t for my education.

The friends you have now will not always be your future friends. This is not necessarily a bad thing. People change and so will you. This is something admittedly I still struggle with. The majority of my close friends now are ones I made from the age of eighteen onwards. It still hurts a little that some people I was really close to are now like strangers. That’s life I guess; we all move on. Anyhow, I love my besties and wouldn’t change them for the world. Good riddance to those not interested in you, and let go of those you are not interested in being friends with too.

It is never worth changing yourself for a boy. The perfect one for you is out there and you will find him. This says it all really. I have seen so many people change themselves and throw friends away for a boy. When the right one comes along believe me he will love you exactly how you are. Crazy friends, bad habits and everything else thrown in.

You cannot eat junk food the way you did when you were younger. You might not put on weight but you feel unhealthy and sluggish. Get into the habit of eating healthy food now before it becomes a chore.

Do not worry about not knowing what you want to do in life no matter how pushy your teachers are. I do not know how many times I visited the career guidance teacher in school or asked the advice of anybody I know. Of course everybody will try to push you into something different. I just fell accidentally into everything in my life after school; politics, government, consulting, all happy accidents.

Happiness is the best revenge. All those people who dissed you in life, the look on their faces when you amount to something great is totally worth it.

Do not depend on others for your happiness. You need to be in control of your own destiny. Do not depend on other people to make you happy and do not blame them either for your discontent with life. They will live their own lives and make their own decisions and you need to learn how to do the same.


  1. Great post joy!! I’m so proud of you doing something you love and making a new life for you and robin! That’s not to say I don’t miss my bestie like crazy though 🙂 keep up the good work on the blog and most importantly have fun in Berlin!!! And hurry home for Christmas x x

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