Wanna Be A Part Of It….Berlin Berlin…….

So it’s been just over six months since I have landed in Berlin. Six absolutely fantastic months. I haven’t even been on a sneaky visit back home yet; something I must say has really shocked me. Every time I speak to somebody from back home they always want to know every little detail of my life here and there is always so much to tell. Yet, I have never written a proper blog post about Berlin yet, instead choosing to keep all of its wonderfulness bottled up for my own benefit. Now this is no fun for everybody else. Therefore I present to you all my favorite things about living in Berlin. You will all want to move here by the end of this post, I promise.

Always number one on my list is the food. This is a great city for food lovers. Admittedly, I have not actually gone to a German restaurant yet. Well at least not a traditional one anyway. I have sampled the local dish of Currywurst though. It’s quite simple really, sausages with what I can only describe as curry ketchup over it. It’s a very satisfying snack. I actually eat proper Chinese food since I have come here too and not a 3n1 or chicken balls. I also have a new found love for Vietnamese food. It is so nice and healthy too. There is such a variety of restaurants here that we don’t have at home that I am really looking forward too. Austrian, Hungarian, Russian, Greek; cannot wait to try them all.

Multiculturalism is rampant in Berlin and I love it. It is impossible to feel like a foreigner with so many different nationalities surrounding you. This has really allowed me to learn about other cultures. Some stereotypes certainly ring through here; the German sense of humor, or lack thereof, being one. Still I am continuously amazed by the cultures which are akin to my own. Not enough is made of the sarcastically funny Indian humor of the sheer kindness of the Turkish people. I just hope they don’t put me in the bracket of Irish drunk!

The nightlife is amazing here. All you could ever want. Open all night (all weekend even), great music and cheap alcohol. Every type of music is available and if you are a major fan of electro/trance/house then this is the city for you. There is also what I call the spati culture here. A spati is basically an off license with a few tables and chairs where people go for pre-drinks for as little as 60c a bottle or bear. Drinking in public is legal here and it is great to be able to have a bottle of beer on the train or whilst walking from club to club.

The fashion in Berlin is both love and loathe. It is very casual, although actually when I think about it, this is something I more like. The grunge look in Berlin is massive and I have actually seen people been refused entry into a club for wearing high heels or a shirt! I don’t feel I have a particular look myself but I do like the grunge (not too much though) and boho looks so it suits me fine. I do miss getting really glammed up sometimes though but I am sure one cold night out in Ireland will soon kill that urge for me.

There is so much to do in Berlin which is non-alcohol related. There is museum after museum, ranging from art to history to film. I haven’t even seen 10% of them yet I would say. There are lots of zoos, parks and walking tours. There are some great historical buildings to visit including a concentration camp and an
ex-Soviet museum. On top of that there are different exhibitions/shows to see.
Went to a firework championship last month which was amazing and the anticipation is killing me with the Christmas markets. I am actually refusing to leave Berlin until I have seen everything.

These are in general my favorite things in Berlin. I have lots more to say and I promise to add some more of my antidotes about this great city real soon.


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