We All Need Some Inspiration

Although it probably has been done one million times already today, I find it fitting to dedicate this post to the memory of Steve Jobs. Honestly, I did not know much about the man during his life other than his role within the Apple Company. Heck, I didn’t even know he was the man behind Pixar! Following the floods of dedications to him today on CNN (the only English-speaking channel I have), I decided to learn more about his life. What an inspirational man! Whether one be a fan of Apple or not, it cannot be denied he is the ultimate success story and a role model for all. He certainly filled me today with a stronger sense of hope and determination for the future; something which is becoming lost in the youth of today. In the wake of the global financial crisis, when all us intelligent graduates are being wasted, it is important for us to have a sense of being, the feeling that we can make it after all. I could talk on this topic all day but I think it is best you listen to Mr. Jobs yourself and becomes as inspired as was today.



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Hi all! My name is Joy! I am a 23 year old Irish girl living in Berlin. I am a university graduate who likes politics, fashion and writing, and is currently looking for a job which can incorporate at least one of the forementioned interests!! This is my blog where I am going to put my thoughts and ramblings, views of the world, and antedotes of my struggle to find a path for myself in life! Enjoy xx

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